On the 2nd and 3rd of July, UNDEF Delegate-Hannah McGlue, carried out a monitoring visit of the “Youth Empowerment for Participation in Local Governance project” which MHRYN is implementing with funding from United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF). The aim of the meeting was to monitor what has been done under the project and to assess the progress of the project. Eight interface meetings with various selected stakeholders from Lilongwe, Ntchisi, Nkhotakota and Salima were held. The stakeholders that were engaged in these meetings included government officials from Ministry of Local Government, Mr Dakamawo and the Principal Secretary of Good Governance from the Office of the President, Mr Kayira. Various MHRYN affiliates were also engaged in the interface meetings. These included: Ntchisi Organization for Youth Development (NOYD) in Ntchisi; Nkhotakota Youth Organization in Nkhotakota Bless-bay Foundation in Salima; and Young Politicians Union (YPU), Counseling for Adolescence and Youth Organization (CAYO) and National Awareness Network Sensitization and Development Initiative (NANSADI) in Lilongwe. The interface meetings with the aforementioned stakeholders addressed several issues including: how these stakeholders have been involved in the project i.e. what role they played or they are playing in the project; activities that they are implementing within the project; their impression of the relevance, significance and impact of the project especially in regards to the various work that they do; challenges they have been facing in carrying out project activities; and their future plans in regards to the project. In addition to the interface meetings, the UNDEF Delegate also observed a road-show which took place in Lilongwe. Road-shows are one of the awareness campaigns of the role of the youths in local governance structures done under the project.